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I have been struggling to start a business for years but had a hard time defining and marketing exactly what I wanted to do which left me paralyzed and not moving forward on my vision.  Instead, I was just working my day job dreaming about a business without knowing how to make that dream a reality.

With Alyssa’s guidance, I was able to define my target market, learn their language and create an offer that speaks to the hearts of the people I want to reach. Without this course, I would not have conducted the market research I needed to realize I was narrowly missing my audience because I was using the wrong marketing techniques and language.  With just a few small tweaks I was able to reach more people and gain more interaction in my business.

Although I’ve taken other courses like this, The 8 to 5 Exit Plan was the most intense, filled with necessary work that needs to be done before starting a business.  I feel it really laid the groundwork and touched on all essential aspects of starting a business.  I loved the group calls, the Facebook group with access to Alyssa and the worksheets with steps on exactly what to do to create a thriving business.  The advice was very concrete and not vague like much of the advice I see from coaches.

I would highly recommend The 8 to 5 Exit Plan to anyone who dreams of starting a business but doesn’t know where to start.  Be prepared to work hard and give it the time and effort it deserves.  Although all of the work was necessary and helpful, the program took more time than I expected.  This is definitely not a program for people who are not committed to doing the work.  For anyone on the fence due to time/money constraints, I say go for it!  The course is well worth the money, and if you are anything like me and have been dreaming of leaving your day job for years, you should give yourself the gift of making the time to go through the course as it happens in real time.  So sign up, stay committed, and create the business of your dreams!

Sharon Millian, MS, RD, CDN

Picky Eating Expert & Health Coach at Feeding Problem Solved

I decided to join The 8 to 5 Exit Plan for my business because I needed to go back to basics as I have been operating for about 3-5 years but due to health and other issues, I was very out of touch on what my business was all about. I was able to really narrow my niche down even further and really look at where I need to improve my marketing message. This course has really given me back my motivation and drive to really make this business work. The best part is the easy process of videos plus worksheets, was the best for me.
The most surprising thing I got out of this that it truly made me look at the way I have been working as I have been doing things the hard way (story of my life), and now this course was able to get me to see where I can improve my approach to things, and where not to put my energy.
I would recommend The 8 to 5 Exit Plan if anyone looking into starting a business or even who has started but is stuck on certain areas. I would say contact Alyssa and make it happen that works for the both of you as I did with my budget is tight being a single mum on benefits. If you want something bad enough you will go after it.
I would just like to say a huge thank you to you Alyssa for being patient with me and keeping me accountable with starting the course as well as throughout the course as I am coming towards the end now I am going to really use the information I have come up with to go forward strong.
Jodee Sinclair

Forensic Life Coach

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