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The 8 to 5 Exit Plan

A comprehensive online course where you’ll learn the most efficient way to start and build an online-based business so that you can leave your 8 to 5 and achieve more freedom, purpose, & money.

The 8 to 5 Exit Plan will become available mid 2020, and only for a few days…

course breakdown

Here's a sneak peak...



Daydreaming about leaving your 8 to 5, but have no idea what you would actually do instead? Or do you already have a business idea but overwhelmed with what to do first or where to start?

This module is all about paving the way towards your passionate AND profitable business idea. We aren’t in the business of making peanuts so I will help you spot markets ready and willing to pull out their credit cards for what you have to offer!

We will also be covering: 

✧ What makes a powerful business idea so you can instantly know if your plan has the hallmarks of a successful business
✧ Is it the right time to start? And what to do if now is not the right time for your new business
How to know if you will still love your new biz idea next year – because hating your business is far worse than hating your day job

By the time you work through Module 1, you’ll know for sure that your idea is viable, and that you have what it takes to see it through to launch. And that alone will put you far ahead of those dreamers out there who are still waiting for the perfect opportunity to come along.



If there’s anything that determines the success of your business: its Mindset. 80% is the mental game, the rest is strategy.

I will guide you through 10 shifts you need to make when going from employee to entrepreneur and beyond. And how to make those shifts quickly so you can master the right mindset to run a successful business.

You will also learn: 

✧ How to set up a miracle morning routine which will set your day up for ultimate success
✧ How to use the law of attraction to receive the things you want in your business
✧ The most powerful tool I use to up-level and make things happen fast – and its completely free!

Your mindset is where everything starts. It’s how you set goals. It’s what gives you the strength to go after them. It’s what makes you confident and daring. It’s what makes you creative and focused. This module will help you tap into the limitless power of the incredibly powerful machine that you already have within you.

BONUS: You will also receive my favorite (and super powerful) money mantras, receiving affirmations and a list of my favorite mindset tools! 

MODULE three


As an entrepreneur, your business begins with you. This module puts the focus on figuring out who you are, so you can figure out how to confidently and accurately convey that to the people you most want to help.

We will also dive deep into uncovering your ideal client. I don’t teach on the typical client avatar (demographics)…I help you get to know them on an internal level, so we can confidently create a brand that speaks straight to their heart, head and hard-earned dollars.

I will also teach you: 

✧ All the ins and outs of your story– including what to share, how much to share and where to share
✧ The easiest way to connect with your ideal client so you become “the one” they have to hire (this tip alone will save you hours of frustration)
✧ How to qualify your new ideal client to make sure they’re willing, able and excited to pay for what you offer (so you can easily avoid tire-kickers and freebie seekers once and for all)

By the end of Module 3, you will know exactly your brand story, messaging and how to use it to attract your dream clients. 



We’re going to brainstorm your unique mix of money-making strategies, from start-up to your ultimate goal and how I help my clients reverse engineer their business for maximum profits.

You will learn:

✧ Reverse engineer your money goals to make it easier to hit those goals
✧ Step by step product brainstorming and  must-have elements of a great offer
✧ How to create and package your killer offer and everything you need to include
✧ 2 proven methods for pricing your offer so you take the guesswork and stress out of what to ask for
✧ Bonus section – elements of a killer product title – Get this right, and your ideal client will know in an instant that they simply must have this program


It’s one thing to have a wonderful idea, but it’s a different ball game when it comes to putting your ideas into a program, and then offering it to the world. This module will help you create a top-notch offer and set your marketing in motion to get you sales



This is where the training wheels come off! It’s time to lay out your promotions and marketing efforts, quickly and effectively to make the big bucks.

We’re breaking down how you can connect with real people in genuine ways that don’t make them feel “sold” to–and make more money as a result.

In this module, you’ll discover:

✧ 5 highly effective techniques that’ll help you connect with others and bring in more cash and clients– and boost your own confidence, too! PLUS a bonus strategy to build your list, community and/or Facebook group AND bank account fast!
✧ Proven ways to identify where YOUR deal clients are online – your ENTIRE success on social depends on identifying and marketing in the right places–and I’ll show you how!
✧ How to have the sales conversation that actually gets you paid – and how to push past objections to get you paid!
✧ Over 30 Sales Activities and Strategies – that are proven to increase your sales and conversions
✧ Bonus: Content That Converts – I’m literally telling you everything you need to know about what to post–and not post–on the most popular platforms to watch your engagement soar

This module is all about how a few ‘uncomfortable’ actions and asks can take you from “Nobody knows me” to “Everybody loves me,” fast. In module 5, we’ll dive deep into how you can create a hungry, responsive community / communities where it matters most…so you can bring in the profits!

and don't forget about the bonuses

You're also going to get access to:

bonus #1


In this bonus module, I will guide you through building a rock-solid business foundation to set you up for long term success

We will cover: 

✧ A life analysis that will help you gain clarity on where you are and where you want to be

✧ How to uncover your values and beliefs to ensure you are in alignment when it comes to business

✧ A complete run-down of legal business structures—and how to choose the right one for you

✧ How to avoid being caught short at tax time—if you do nothing else, this one thing will keep you out of trouble with the government

✧ The number one mistake new business owners make—and how to avoid it with one simple trip to the bank

✧ A rock-solid business plan—even if you already have one, do not skip this step. It’s the foundation of everything to come.

✧ The one “tool” no successful business can afford to be without—and it’s not what you think

✧ 6 tips for working at home more efficiently—because it’s harder than it looks.

bonus #2


Whether you offer coaching, consulting, done for your services or something service-based, one of the ways to get new clients fast is through a personal connection with them.

This 3 part mini course is designed to help you craft your unique, yet high converting discovery call.

You will learn:

✧ What Is a Discovery Call?

✧ Why a Free Call Works to Gain Clients

✧ Mindset for the Call

✧ Know What You Can Offer Them

✧ What to Listen for During the Call

✧ Steps to a Successful Discovery Coaching Call

✧ How to Overcome Objections

✧ What to Do if They Didn’t Sign Up for Your Services

✧ Plus Tons of Tips for Increasing Conversions!

✧ Bonus: Complete Done-For-You Discovery Call Script

bonus #3


You will also get access to my 15 Days to $5K Bootcamp

Once you go through The 8 to 5 Exit Plan course, you will not only have the tools and knowledge to build your business but you will now transform your relationship with money. 

You will get:

✧ 15 Daily Success Money Mantras to positively influence your subconscious, increase your confidence and success in your business

✧ 15 Daily Money Mindset Journal Prompts designed to help you go deeper to really call in the things you desire – including that $5k

✧ 15 Daily Mindset & Sales Trainings explained under 10 minutes each to help you with the implementation of sales strategies in your unique business

✧ 15 Quantum Leap Action Steps for each strategy/training that are designed in a way for you to actually get the results you desire! AKA $5k in 15 days

The assignments I’ve put together are life/business-changing. You’ll never look at sales and marketing the same way!


Hey there, I'm Alyssa.

Creating an online-based, service-based business has completely transformed my life. It has allowed me to:

✧ Replace my income (and even triple my rates)

✧ Create my own schedule that works best for my son and I (he does homeschooling online)

✧ Attract only the best clients that I truly LOVE working with (and pay me generously)

✧ Travel full-time (We lived in Peru for 2 years where I created this course) 

I put my heart and soul into this program and I crafted it in way that is the perfect course for anyone just starting out or struggling…something I would’ve loved to have access to before wasting so much time, energy and thousands of dollars on “figuring it out” and floundering! 

And the best part is that all of those failures, learning experiences, client wins and thousands of dollars invested in skills, mindset and coaching are packaged nicely for you without the high price tag!


You ready to change your life for good?!? 

The 8 to 5 Exit Plan is for you if...

✧ You want to make extra, disposable income without needing to fall back into corporate

✧ You want to setup a business that allows you support whatever lifestyle you’re daydreaming about

✧ You scared that if you don’t make a change soon, you’re going to stay stuck in the same place, making the same money, and doing the exact same things you’ve always done for the rest of your life

✧ You’re spinning your wheels and overwhelmed with “all the things” that need to be done and you have no idea where to begin

✧ You want an easy + clear roadmap you can follow to go from “Help!” to “Heck ya, I actually have a profitable business!”

✧ You’ve already tried the DIY route and you’re fed up with getting little to nowhere

✧ You make no excuses and are truly ready to do the work, show up and take massive action

You’re ready for a life of freedom, doing work you love, feeling appreciated for what you do, and reaching your highest potential!

Now is your time and THIS is your chance.

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